In these times of political turmoil , aggressive online discourse, post truth society and lord knows what else, one thing is hard to deny: there’s a lot of hypocrisy flying around. People regularly and angrily lambast others for doing something, while doing pretty much the exact same thing themselves.
So,Let us first understand what hypocrisy exactly is .

Google gives a diplomatic answer of ‘the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case’, it has been portrayed in a really complicated way.

It can be simplified to “hypocrisy = beliefs-actions” ,which is is where If Beliefs = Actions, then Hypocrisy = Zero


If (Beliefs = X) and also (Actions = X), then Beliefs – Actions = 0.

Nowadays hypocrisy is so evident that prominent personalities who are effective in moving people to ,not or to do things , do quite the opposite of what they preach. Like,FORMER U.S. VICE PRESIDENT Al Gore urges us all to reduce our carbon footprint, yet he regularly flies in a private jet. Former drug czar William Bennett extols the importance of temperance but is reported to be a habitual gambler. Pastor Ted Haggard preached the virtues of “the clean life” until allegations of methamphetamine use and a taste for male prostitutes arose. Eliot Spitzer prosecuted prostitution rings as attorney general in New York State, but he was later found to be a regular client of one such ring.
These notorious accusations against public figures all involve hypocrisy, in which an individual fails to live according to the preachings he or she imposes on others. Charges of hypocrisy are common in debates because they are highly effective: we feel compelled to ­reject the views of hypocrites. But although we see hypocrisy as a vice and a symptom of incompetence or insincerity, we should be exceedingly careful about letting our emotions color our judgments of substantive issues.
Similarly, people are far quicker to notice and call out hypocrisy when it goes against their own beliefs. A politician you oppose promotes family values but is caught having an affair? Hypocrite! Drum them out of office! But if it’s a politician you support? Gutter journalism! So he’s not perfect, give him another chance! There are more important issues to worry about etc.
Hence ,hypocrisy differs from situation to situation which can really not be specifically classified into types. Basically, people aren’t 100% rational or consistent. Value judgments are typically subjective than objective so the extent and seriousness of the hypocrisy is often in the eye of the beholder. This feeds into hypocrisy in other ways too.
We may be,no we are …each one of us IS a hypocrite in our own personal situation.
Thus,a question arises , is being a hypocrite to some specific things wrong?

 Well if publicly opinionated, the answer would be NO.

But that is ,if we keep an open mind to others beliefs too.
Thus, hypocrisy is sometimes sufficient to undermine a person’s authority. It can warrant the thought, “Why pay attention to what he says?”
Well in today’s present world circumstances , hypocrites exist or actually are prevalent in every field of humanity,be it religious,political or even the instances of daily life. Considering world peace ,’hypocrisy’ is a harmful disease which is slowly devouring the understanding to live and thrive in the society,which being, the very fabric of human cultures and civilizations that caused the transition from the stone age to industrial revolution.

So now how should one develop a belief system?

One should do their best to objectively perceive Reality for what it is.

One should do their best to objectively perceive Truth for what it is.

One should do their best to objectively perceive Morality for what it is.

I now leave with the following following deep thought:

It is best not to be hypocritical, but I would rather be an honest hypocrite than a person who tries to make truth conform around his or her own desires and imperfections. 

So what are your views about hypocrisy?


A letter to your younger self…

While growing up there are uncountable situations where you might think that if you had done this instead of something else ,life would have been a whole lot different. Many a times we wonder or imagine what if I had a time machine …I could change this …I could relive this instance. Guys, its undeniable that if we had the opportunity to be able to guide our younger version , we would tell them  a hell lot of things to do or to change.

So just imagine you have  grabbed one . You have this super awesome  chance to send a letter to your younger self. What would you write in it?

Ahem..so friends comment on my post about what would you write to your younger version. Actively participate! 

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A Midsummer’s Morning 

The sun rose throwing substantial rays of light on the world below. The first hues of light kissed the dust laden rubble, first red , then blue , then green. The sky turned a bright canary yellow revealing a fiery orb of brightness in its cradle, spreading warmth and comfort. Birds welcomed it with their sweet chirruping, tasting its generosity. The first mild dew drops covered the ground , making the ground wet and soft , a bed , an abode fo its piousness.

The strong sunshine pierced my window and shone brightly on my face. My cue to get up. I stretched grudgingly on my bed, squirming with sleep. Stripping my blankets off me and a monstrous yawn, I rose off my bed to my white-tiled balcony. Trying to savour the first moments of the newly appeared morning.

I gently grasped the warm railings snapping the sleepiness in my lifeless hands, standing upright amd gazing the scenery ahead. A gentle sun hiding behind leaves, a gentle sun directing the squirrels to their acorns, a gentle sun turning the sky froma vast expanse of jet- black to a mauve of the most happiest colours and illuminating the newly arisen beauty of nature.

Ahh… what a morning, peaceful and gregarious. A light breeze tousled my already fraying hair. The wind was dubious, beckoning me to come into its arms. Completely irresistible! 
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Welcome and blah blah…

WELCOME to eatrunwrite this is a blog different than any other,a portal to your own views and opinions in a nutshell.It does not only focus on social relevance and day to day life but the essence of its very own creation….. stories ,quotes,hysterics and loads of love. Your very own,Rishi.

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