A Midsummer’s Morning 

The sun rose throwing substantial rays of light on the world below. The first hues of light kissed the dust laden rubble, first red , then blue , then green. The sky turned a bright canary yellow revealing a fiery orb of brightness in its cradle, spreading warmth and comfort. Birds welcomed it with their sweet chirruping, tasting its generosity. The first mild dew drops covered the ground , making the ground wet and soft , a bed , an abode fo its piousness.

The strong sunshine pierced my window and shone brightly on my face. My cue to get up. I stretched grudgingly on my bed, squirming with sleep. Stripping my blankets off me and a monstrous yawn, I rose off my bed to my white-tiled balcony. Trying to savour the first moments of the newly appeared morning.

I gently grasped the warm railings snapping the sleepiness in my lifeless hands, standing upright amd gazing the scenery ahead. A gentle sun hiding behind leaves, a gentle sun directing the squirrels to their acorns, a gentle sun turning the sky froma vast expanse of jet- black to a mauve of the most happiest colours and illuminating the newly arisen beauty of nature.

Ahh… what a morning, peaceful and gregarious. A light breeze tousled my already fraying hair. The wind was dubious, beckoning me to come into its arms. Completely irresistible! 
#serenity #peace #nature


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