A letter to your younger self…

While growing up there are uncountable situations where you might think that if you had done this instead of something else ,life would have been a whole lot different. Many a times we wonder or imagine what if I had a time machine …I could change this …I could relive this instance. Guys, its undeniable that if we had the opportunity to be able to guide our younger version , we would tell them  a hell lot of things to do or to change.

So just imagine you have  grabbed one . You have this super awesome  chance to send a letter to your younger self. What would you write in it?

Ahem..so friends comment on my post about what would you write to your younger version. Actively participate! 

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  1. Hey younger Nikki,

    How have you been? Well, this is the first time I have written a letter to you dear. So, I have got a lot to share. Without taking much time, I directly come to the root of the matter. We have many moments in our life – both jolly and gloomy. These experiences or moments always teach a lesson
    to us. As I’m more experienced than you, I’m here to guide you. So, I’m writing this letter as a guide and hope you take the right path.
    You might have heard people blabbing on hard work. But remember, this is 21st century. The world has evolved. The world expects and accepts smart people. I do agree that hard work is important but, according to me, smart work is more important as people accept the easiest and shortest solutions. Hard work consumes a lot of time but smart work doesn’t.
    Secondly, there are many people around you trying to distract or misguide you. Hence, listen to yourself or any trustworthy person and have confidence in yourself. Participate in those activities in which you are interested and don’t worry about what others think.
    You may have heard people saying “You are bad” or “You should change” and blah, blah, blah. Remember, you are not an entertainer!! So, whatever the world feels, you have got nothing to do with it. Lead your life the way you like ’cause you are the only one who can design your destiny.
    Life is short. Try to have good time with everyone. We usually disregard our parents and relatives and always spend time with friends. Of course, friends are important but members of our family and relatives are too important. So, respect everyone and have a good time with every person as life is too short to have rebels. But please, don’t forget your parents who have always helped you and provided a supporting hand.
    So Nikki, follow the right path, respect people who deserve it and be smart. And yeah, try to be brave ’cause life in Vidyanagar and in the outer world is completely different and difficult. Be prepared to face the outer world. At last, do remember that problems are temporary, just face them bravely.
    Life is just a game, learn how to play it!!


  2. Well written Rishi bhai! I enjoyed the sense of descriptive language you used! Very nice!! 😃👍
    Now, here’s my letter to my younger self…

    Dear Younger Me,
    It’s not as if I have forgotten you or the memories I had with my younger self. I still do remember the times I would come running hard, slamming by backpack against the wall, and then getting ready to play outside or at a friend’s house. Of course, I always finished my homework right before going to play (because it was the easiest work ever and also because I didn’t want to do it after I was done with playing). So, I’d just like to spend these few sentences explaining to you the things you will have to face in the future:
    1. DO NOT procrastinate! (trust me, I learned it the hard way)
    2. Find friends who will believe in you and will always be at your side. (friendship matters in the long run) On a side note, remember that teamwork and friendship stand above the rules!
    3. “Look before you leap” (think about what you are going to do before you do it)
    4. Always stay silly and goofy and never stop to amuse people!
    5. Learn to speak/perform publicly without having to get stage-fright!
    6. Never Give Up!!
    7. And last but not least, do as your your family members and relatives say and try to gain some weight (I know it will be tough)!


    1. Thank you Adi for your compliments!

      The young “young Adi” (because buddy your still a kiddo) will be deeply inspired and driven by your to-be noted pointers. I am sure he will be much more clearer in prospect with these guidelines.

      I would also love to add on to your letter that -‘Dont lose your extrovert and unique outward attitude…because its priceless’!!



  3.  Dear younger me,

    How’s life going? I’m sure you’re probably sitting with your friends bitching about how much you hate high school and how tough you think your life is. I know you can’t wait to grow up, start college and move out. Before any of that can happen you’re going to go through a lot, some things good some bad. If I could go back and tell you what I know now I’m sure life would turn out a lot different for you. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, but if I could this is what I would say to you.

     You have straight hair!  You have to stop fighting it and accept it.  Yes, it may take you until you are 25 to be able to figure out how to style your hair, but you do finally figure it out, and everyone is jealous of your straight hairs(you even learn how to blow curls!).  You will one day find your hair stylist soul mate who knows exactly what to do with your mane, and despite what you think now, a ‘wash and wear’ hairstyle that does not require any blow drying will never work for you.  

    Don’t focus so much on what people think of you. So what if not everyone is your friend? It’s not quantity that matters, it’s quality. Having a few good friends is way better than having a lot of friends who don’t care. Spend more time with the people who want to be around you and less time with people who are too busy to notice you are there. It is okay if it doesn’t seem like you have found your clique of friends yet.  Your best friendships are yet to come.  You will have great friends in life.  Friends that know exactly what cartoon bird video to put on to make you feel better, friends that you will stay up all night with for no reason at all except that the conversation never stops.  Friends that encourage you to follow your passion and friends that encourage you to leave your comfort zone, but are protective enough to say, ‘make good choices’ before you embark on a new adventure.

     You will discover that school and grades are not everything.  Yes, you will have a fluke genius moment and get 100% on your first calculus test when you were sure that you had no idea what you were doing.  (It was short-lived and lasted only for that one test).  It is not so much what you are learning, but the work ethic that you learn from your dedication to school and extra curricular activities that keeps you moving forward and rising to the top; and, ultimately allows you to enjoy life to its fullest.  ✌
    {Work harder in school. Everything may seem pointless now, but when you get that rejection letter from your dream school you’re going to wish you had done more. Study harder for test, hand in every assignment, and live up to your full potential. And when you finally graduate realize that college is not like high school at all. You’re teachers no longer care about you, the work load gets heavier, and the amount of stress you will experience is ridiculous.}

     Don’t worry.  You end up doing so much more than you ever thought you would.  You do not take the traditional route that you think you are destined for.  You discover a fork in the road that you did not even know existed, and for your willingness to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you and your commitment to take a chance on the unknown, you are rewarded with a career filled with travel, excitement, and a sense of confidence in your abilities that will stay with you always.  Trust your instincts because they have proven to be trustworthy and make sure you take risks, because they always seem to put you in the right place at the right time.

     And boyfriends?  It’s okay that you’ve never had a boyfriend (but there is one in your future before you graduate).  You are picky, and you waste your time on crushes.  You like who you like, and if you aren’t absolutely positive that you like him, it means that you don’t.   Unfortunately, you will experience heartbreak but you will also experience a love and companionship that still surprises you.  It’s supposed to be easy, and when you find the right person, it is.  And guess what?  He’s American!
    Just don’t rush to grow up, slow down and enjoy life a little. You’ll regret it if you don’t.!

    Love Always.

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    1. Your younger version is going to be privileged to have such a guidance from you. Personally, i feel your letter has a lot of hidden transient escapades that are worth learning from. The letter addresses alot of those short and joyful instances that vanish as swiftly as they come also those moments which we yearn to relive in our throwbacks. And not neglecting the future reference , i believe the young nidhi is gonna embark on the most exciting adventures of all! #lovedyourletter #inspirational

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  4. Letter to my younger self:
    1. Spend more time with the important people.
    2. Reconsider your decisions, before coming to the final decision.
    3. Choose who you are with and what kind of relationship you are building with people, carefully.
    4. Focus more on things that matter.
    5. Go ahead and do it, because you’re gonna do it anyway.😗
    6. A sincere advice: Concentrate on your studies, I suffer because of you.😂
    7. Be more social, that gives you more friends for the future.

    And I can’t think about anything else…

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